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Mac tip – Use Quicksilver and Flickr Uploadr

Cyril Roger


QuicksilverQuicksilver is one of the most beloved apps of Mac users, even though it hasn’t been updated in a while. If you know how to use it well, the productivity tool can not only help you find anything in a matter of seconds but also gives you complete control over all your files. Consider it as a really powerful Swiss army knife for your Mac.

People who have mastered it know that it realizes its full potential when it’s used to control another program, just like Mac’s Automator tool can. Automator is more complicated to work with though, because you actually need to create rules and filters, so that it performs a specific action. Quicksilver is more organic, and while you can not automatize anything, you can use the program as a Dashboard from which you launch and perform actions.

Just as an example of how you can work with Quicksilver and your favorite programs, UsingMac have written a clever post on how to couple Quicksilver with Flickr Uploadr. Select your pictures, open up Quicksilver (Option+Space),  find Flickr Uploadr via the 1st pane, then choose ‘Open File’ from the second pane. Then press CMD+G to bring the photos to the Flickr application. The photos will load up automatically in the application. Once they’re ready, all you need to do is upload them to your Flickr account. It’s a shame that you can’t actually perform the upload process directly from Quicksilver, unfortunately the application does not have access to this specific function.

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